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First of all we talk to you, or at least swap a few
e-mails in order to find out what you

Then we try to understand your business or organisation, and find out what you actually need. They’re not always the same thing!

Then we set about designing a website that gives you what you need to promote your activities and develop your potential.
This involves agreeing the content and structure of your website. The look and feel that reflects your business activities to the people who visit your site on the Internet.
We want to create a web site that is easy to access, easy to read, and easy to find your way around. It may be very ordered and formal, or it may be funky and fun.
It sounds obvious, but we want to make sure it works, and make sure it is what you were expecting.
We don’t want to leave you on your own as soon as you think it’s finished. We hope you’ll be asking for more to be done as time goes on, and if there are any problems, we want to fix them!
When you are ready to expand you use of your website into direct sales, we can talk to you about setting up stock on a database and providing an on-line shopping cart facility for your customers.
Most domain names cost only a few pounds per year to register, and unless your requirements for web-space is unusually high, your website can be hosted for free. More sophisticated websites may cost a bit more. If you’ve got a clear idea about what you want to say, once the host is set up we can create a basic five page website for as little as £250.
We will perform essential Search Engine Optimisation to find the phrases and key-words that bring your website nearer the top of your customers’ Internet search list.